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Dog Training Book ENG PDF – Book

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This book is dedicated to people who have many problems with their dogs and don’t know how to solve them, to all those who can’t find the solution on their own on how to properly relate to their dog and help both themselves and their dog to lead their shared life on the right path to happiness and success.

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Dog Training Book -My name is Slaven Stevelić. I am known as a great dog lover and a compassionate dog trainer. This isn’t just my claim, but the sentiment shared by the majority of people who have entrusted me and whom I’ve helped to resolve issues they had with their dogs.

In this book, I will write about dog training, the way I impose my will on dogs to behave properly, and how they can be happy with their families in their future coexistence.
I’ve condensed my 35 years of experience into this book with the desire to impart what I’ve learned, and what you can learn through this book, if you love your dog enough, you can also teach them.

Raising a dog is akin to raising and educating your child, with the difference being that a child eventually becomes a human, while a dog remains a dog with its instincts, which you, as a responsible owner, must know how to manage. A dog is like an 18-month-old child; they will never be „smart enough to do something,“ they will do it instinctively.

Answers to many questions can be found in this book, but before that, you must first read the most basic: the psychology of dogs and the way they perceive the world around us.

Do not skip these parts, as many people read a book wanting to see what happens at the end first, because they are very important sections that will help you find a solution at a certain moment when you didn’t know how.


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